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Carpets are expensive, and regular cleaning is necessary to keep them looking new. Just as the clothes we wear need regular washing to keep them fresh and hygienic, carpets require periodic professional cleaning to keep them clean and healthy. Accumulated soil and grit are major causes of reduced carpet life, and enable destructive harmful mites and bacteria to work unchecked. Carpet cleaning costs are minimal when you consider the replacement cost of carpets and soft furnishings, so regular cleaning makes economic sense too and could increase the life of your carpet 5 times!



Expert Carpet Cleaners in North Wales and Cheshire

Our carpet cleaning experts are equipped with the most powerful and effective carpet cleaning equipment and products, manufactured by the industry leaders. We invest lots of money in the latest cleaning technologies and only use carpet cleaning products which are absolutely safe to be used in any home, so we can give you the benefit of cleaner and fresher carpets.


Our professional carpet cleaners use hot water extraction systems, dry solvent cleaning systems, dry compound cleaning (dry powder), bonnet/pad buffinng and shampoo brushing. All our carpet cleaning technicians have been trained to the highest industry standard in the art of carpet cleaning and carpet care.

Our industrial equipment steam cleaning process will effectively remove soil from the bottom of your carpet fibres, where dirt filters and allergens settle. Our machines are so powerful that your carpets will be dry, clean and fresh within a couple of hours from completion of the carpet cleaning process. If reqiured we can even leave your carpets dry in 30 minutes.


Call us today for a free quote! We will come to your premises and give you a free carpet survey! Clean It, North Wales Carpet, Upholstery, Leather and Hard Floor specialist cleaners. FREE PHONE: 0800 781 0873.



All Types of Carpet Cleaning in Conwy

With the many types of carpets made today, it is important to use a experienced carpet cleaner. Many of today's carpets are made from or contain materials like Nylon, Acrylic, Cotton, Silk, Sisal, Polyester, Wool, and Linen. We can care for carpets in need of special care. We have different methods of carpet cleaning, including dry carpet cleaning and steam carpet cleaning, and also do carpet stain removall when necessary. Dry carpet cleaning is an alternative to steam carpet cleaning and if done professionally can clean carpets successfully. If you have your carpets cleaned on a regular basis you should consider alternating between the two systems.



Clean It professional carpet cleaners in Conwy and Llandudno

We utilize a number of different technologies to offer you the best possible service and maximum results.

  • Hot Water Extraction
    This uses a combination of cleaning solution and hot water. The solution is sprayed onto the carpet and agitated into the carpet to disolve dirt and stains we then pass over this with our Hot Water Extraction tool which thoroughly rinses the carpet and extracts all dirt.
  • Steam Cleaning
    This process is similar to Hot Water Extraction only it uses steam to break down and remove stubborn dirt and stains.
  • Dry carpet cleaning
    With this method we are able to clean your carpet without the use of water, using a powder, which breaks down the dirt. This powder is then vacuumed off leaving a clean and dry finish.
  • Eco friendly carpet cleaning
    All of our products are eco friendly and we ensure that we continually monitor the products we use.
  • Carpet Protection
    We have a number of methods for extending the life of your carpets.


  • Carpet Repairs
    We can repair existing carpets for a fraction of the cost of replacing the whole thing.
  • Maintenance programmes

We understand that running a household is a full time occupation and also that you have made a significant investment in your carpet, tiles and furniture.

If you aim to keep your floor coverings in good condition why not consider one of Clean It's maintenance programmes. We will visit your house on an agreed regular basis, at a discounted rate, to maintain your carpets, tiles and furniture to a high standard.

Importantly, you decide what level of service you would like and how frequently you would like the service.


Why start a maintenance programme?

  • Keep your house looking and feeling clean and healthy
  • Maintain the warranty of your carpet
  • Your carpets will last longer and look better
  • Enjoy a discounted rate on our maintenance programmes
  • Assure your booking at a regular time and date which suits you
  • Save money on replacing your carpets before you need too. 


Be Carefull:

Many carpet cleaners perform steam cleaning in a manner known as 'splash and dash'. This is a cheap and nasty way of cleaning your carpets which does not remove the cleaning agent from the carpet fibres, leaving it sticky and causing it re-soil quickly. Have you ever heard people mention that 'since I've had my carpet cleaned it seems to get dirtier quicker'?


Carpet cleaning articles

Basic stain removal

Always have a vax or some sort of suction machine for back up, it will make spot and stain removal much more effective....but when it comes to cleaning your carpets  these machines will take the dirt off the top of your carpet and it may look cleaner for a while.. but after a while the carpet will rapidly resoil possibly due to too much detergent being used or the protection on the carpet being removed...when cleaning your carpet the less activity the better for the carpet.... professional carpet cleaners are specially trained on how much moisture, agitation, detergent and ph a carpet or fabric needs in order to clean well and stay healthy,  especially if natural,  that is just one reason why we plead with our customer to call us if they have a spillage or need any advice what so ever...


Hire a professional carpet cleaner or do it yourself?


Even if you've had your carpet sprayed with Scotchgard when it was first installed, kept on top of keeping it clean by blotting stains and removing them as soon as you noticed, there will come a time when professional carpet cleaning is necessary. 

Sometimes this is because you are having holiday company or moving out of the house, but the end result is always the same, you'll have to make the decision as to whether or not to have the steam cleaning done professionally or to do it yourself.

There are pros and cons to both sides. Having the carpet cleaning done professionally can be costly, and if you get a less than reputable company in your house the result can be ruined padding and floors, stained carpet and all hope lost of getting your damage deposit back if you are a renter. The up side is that if you hire a good professional, your carpet will be left healthy, look almost like new and come with a guarantee that you can hold onto.

If you choose to do the carpet cleaning yourself, you could save a lot of money - if you know what you are doing, how to do it and if you do not believe in magic. Otherwise, renting a carpet cleaning machine which you don't know how to work can damage the carpet and soak the floor, and you will be out of cash and still have a less than attractive carpet. 

If you choose to do it yourself, do a little research as to the different chemicals used in professional carpet cleaning and keep the kids out of the house for the night afterward. Didn't know that one did you? Some carpet cleaning commercial products can contain chemicals which can hurt the kid's lungs and cause mold to develop in the carpet if it isn't suctioned or dried properly. You can look for chemical names on the container such as solvents and mildewcides, but any of these chemicals can irritate the tissue in the lungs or cause asthmatics to have a reaction. Best to keep everyone out until the carpet is completely dry and use a mask while you are carpet cleaning.

Use fans to speed drying or open the window/switch the central heating on. Professionals use big industrial fans which work well but are expensive for the average person to afford. Another thought is that the kind of carpet cleaners which can be rented at the local hardware store are a roulette as to whether or not the guy before you cleaned it properly before returning it. You can't be sure that they did, even though there is an added cost if they returned it dirty. You may end up spreading around someone else's carpet dirt instead of removing your own.

The bottom line in carpet cleaning is that given all the downsides to the process, you may be better off hiring a professional to do your carpet cleaning, but make sure that you ask questions about the types of chemicals that they use. If they are reluctant to discuss this, find someone else, a reputable company will be able to answer all of your questions to your satisfaction.

Carpet cleaning in County of Conwy and Gwynedd and Cheshire


We have carpet cleaners in North Wales and Cheshire areas:

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